Swedish politicians compete in StarCraft 2 tournament ahead of election

A group of politicians in Sweden took part on a StarCraft 2 tournament this past weekend to “raise awareness about eSports in politics, and politics among gamers,” The Daily Dot reports.

The tournament, called Politikerstarcraft, was created by Jonathan Rider Lundkvist in 2010. Lundkvist was a member of the Swedish Pirate Party, which formed in 2006 to focus on issues like net neutrality, censorship, copyright and patent reform.

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things i haven’t learned in school:

-how to pay bills
-how to buy a house
-what to say in an interview
-how to apply for bank loans

but it’s all fine because i know that enzymes are biological catalysts that will denature if the pH or temperature they are in is too high so i’m set for life with that really


Ugh this is exactly how i feel and its pathetic tbh.
like the amount of things that just remind me of you is, blehhh.
All of my friends are just telling me to move on or that what you did says more of you than it does of me, but i dont know, i still adamantly defend you and i just cant get over you and i dont know why and i just feel stupid and confused and i dont know what to do.
Dont even get me started on how confused i am.
its not even your fault, so i dont even have anyone to blame but myself.

What are you supposed to do? Talk to them. Say what you wrote here.

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